Will add athletes daily during registration

Trampoline trainings starts next week (Aug 30th) for all programs

Trampoline schedule will be posted on Friday evening (on this page). Please note that the coaches will be placing your athlete in their trampoline training time slot that best fits their skills and abilities. Requesting a certain time slot or who is in the training group with your athlete is not an option.

Parents, please come into the trampoline room with your athlete on the first day of trampoline to read and sign the Code of Conduct with them. This is required to be done before your athlete is able to jump and train on the trampolines. This applies to all programs!!

Yukon Freestyle Ski Association's Trampoline Facility is located at 114 Titanium Way (Unit 104), in the industrial area of downtown. The building is blue with a red roof, we are the middle Bay. Please park in our parking stalls in front of the bay door, at the front of the building or on the street. Please do not park in front of the dog training bay doors, as they get upset with us. Thank you!

Dryland Training for the pre-competitive and the competitive athletes starts September 20th, twice a week with heavy strength training on one of the days and balance and core training on the other day. This is to get our athletes ready for on-snow pre-season training.

Thank you

Temporary, YFSA will use the main lodge for eating lunch (Dec 5th & 6th only). Please make sure to wear a mask or buff in the lodge and practice social distancing.

Our coaches will able to store athlete backpacks in the coaches room this weekend due to limited gear storage in the main lodge. Freestyle athlete will have to use to lodge this weekend only for eating lunch.

Mt Sima has set up a small tent next to the old athlete lodge for all the clubs to share for quick uses only. Freestyle Yukon will have ONE table. This is where athletes may change quickly.

Please have your athlete bring a mask and remind them to social distance. Try to send your athlete to the hill ready to train, with all of their gear on.

The coaches for each team will be at the base of the hill (in front of the bunny hill) at 11 am to 11:10 am every training day to gather all there athletes. Please make sure your athlete is on time so the coach and other athletes are not having to wait around. If your athlete will not be attending training for the day, please make sure you text your coach to let them know.

REMINDER: Bring your athlete code of conduct to the hill on Saturday Morning (Sr. Freestylerz, Pre-comp, comp) or Sunday Morning (Jr. Freestylerz) fully signed by both the athlete and parents (Initials on top of pages and signature at end), if they have not been handed in yet. Athletes will not be allowed to train with their team if their code of conduct has not been handed in complete. If you need another copy of the code of conduct, please print one off from the website. Located under “About YFSA” - YFSA Policys.