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The coaches have decided to cancel on-snow training today due to the the cold weather. It is -28 with the wind at Mt. Sima and training will not be very productive at this temp.

In replacement for the Dev team and Sr. Freestylerz, there will be trampoline training an dryland. with Chris, Lyndsey and Etienne.

Dev Team 12 pm to 2 pm

Sr. Freestyler 2 pm to 4 pm

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I hope everyone is enjoying their winter and looking forward to ski season.Training for the programs will not start until Dec 10th.

Yukon Freestyle has a lunch room at Mt. Sima for our athletes to use during the days of training. The athletes are able to put their bags in the trailer, eat and warm up in the trailer. There is a microwave as well, so the athletes can heat up their lunches. There is no running water and no bathroom in the trailer, so athletes will need to use the lodge for this. Athletes are encouraged to bring a lunch to training, as the lunch line is normal busy and coaches will not be waiting for athletes that are buying lunches this year. Mt sima has also asked that our athletes not use the lodge to eat in, as there is a limited capacity. Athletes will not be able to store their gear in the trailer, as it will not be left open after the hill is closed and the code for the locks will not be given out.

Mt. Sima would like parents to know that the parking in front of the trailer and long the staff lodge is for staff only, and that parents can park on the backside of the freestyle trailer.

On snow training starts at 11 AM and runs until 4PM. Please make sure your athlete arrives at least 15 minutes prior to 11AM so they are ready to be on the snow by 11AM. If your athlete will be late or will not be at training, please make sure to text your athletes coach to let them know. Should your athlete arrive late, please have them wait at the bottom of the hill for the their coach. The programs finish at 4 PM, but often the athletes are still making their way down the slopes, but please make sure you or who ever is picking up your athlete are there on time, as the coaches are not expected to stay after 4 PM.

Jr. Freestylers will start on Sunday, Dec 11 and will run until the end of March. This programs runs on Sundays only. There will not be any training on Dec 26th and Jan 2, due to Christmas break. Training will start up again on Jan 8th.

Sr. Freestylers will start on Saturday, Dec 10 and will run until the end of March. This programs runs on Saturdays only. There will not be any training on Dec 24th and Dec 31st, due to Christmas break. Training will start up again on Jan 7th.

Developmental team has already started for pre-season and will continue until mid-April. There will not be any training on Dec 24th & 25th and Dec 31st & Jan 1st, due to Christmas break. Training will start up again on Jan 7th. This program run Saturdays and Sundays.

Trampoline training will continue this season during the scheduled times, with the acceptation of Christmas break. There will be no trampoline training from Dec 19th to Dec 30th. Trampoline will start up again Jan 2nd.

Coaches contacts

(Please be mindful and respectful that the coaches are busy people and are coaching on a part-time bases for YFSA)

Justin - (867) 333-5156

Chris - (867) 687-3267

Tom - (867) 334-8850

Lyndsey - (867) 689-8441

YFSA is putting on two weeks of Christmas Freestyle Camps, you can sign your athlete up on the YFSA website.

Thanks so much and have a great season.

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Reminder: there is NO TRAMPOLINE TRAINING this week for all programs (Nov 28 to Dec 2).

The Canada cup is happening this upcoming weekend (Dec 2 to Dec 4), with the big air night event happening on December 2. Come on out and watch the athletes throw down some great tricks. There will be a beer garden, hot cocoa and a hot dog roast over a bonfire. The event runs from 5 PM to 9 PM on December 2 at Mt. Sima. There will be a foot path to walk up from the lodge to the big air site.

Training for senior freestylers starts on December 10th and training for Junior freestylers starts on December 11. An email with all the coaches information, times of training, location to meet, etc will come out next week. You can also check the website for all the up to date information. Just click on the tab 'info for athletes’ in the top menu bar.

Remember to sign up for your volunteer shifts for the Canada cup. There will only be two events this season to volunteer for, so get your volunteer requirements done early.

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