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Fundamentalz is a grassroots entry level program for young athletes that want to start learning to ski on jumps and features in the terrain park. The ideal candidate for this program is an athlete who has completed 1 or 2 seasons with snow-school and already has a firm grasp on skiing.


The goal of the Fundamentalz program is to learn the basics of Freestyle skiing skills. Each athlete will learn jumping skills, simple tricks (like grabs, twisters, spreads, 180's), terrain park etiquette, how to navigate and choose a route in the park according to their personal abilities and how to approach and stay on boxes and rails. Athletes also learn to respect the terrain which they train on and the etiquette required when skiing on the mountain and within the park. At the end of the day, the goal is to ensure that each athlete goes home with a smile on their face and has learned a skill that will stay with them forever.


When an athlete graduates from this program, they will then be ready to enrol in the Jr. Freestylerz program, which is the next stage in the freestyle progression.


Athletes are encouraged to compete at the annual year end club competition, Yukon Champs.


Fundamentalz Athlete Prerequisites:

  • Completion of 1 or 2 seasons of snow school or equivalent

  • Ability to ski parallel, (no snow plow) on a blue run while incorporating proper pole planting

  • Ability to make small, medium and long round turns on blue runs

  • Ability to load and unload the ski lift unassisted

  • Desire to ski in the park


The Fundamentalz program starts the first Sunday of January and runs for 8 sessions on snow. The program also includes 8, one hour trampoline sessions that start in January. On snow training runs for the full day on Sundays. Extra trampoline sessions are available to start in September for additional fee, if your athlete desires to start early.


*Parents are required to volunteer for one event during the season

One Parent MUST also have a CFSA Volunteer membership ($20) - 

Equipment Required for all levels:

Skis - Twin Tips Mandatory, Helmet, Poles, Boots

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