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Yukon Champs and more......

I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the sunshine. Just a quick email to update and inform everyone what is happening in the Yukon Freestyle world.

Congrats to all of our Dev team athletes. Great job at Canada Winter Games!!!! We are very proud of you all.

Fundamentals athletes: Awesome job skiing this season. You have all learned so much and are on the road to be amazing skiers. You should have gotten your report card on March 5th, the last day of training. We hope you had a blast with our coaches and we will see you at Yukon champs and back next season.

Jr. and Sr. Freestylers, you still have one more training weekend on-snow (April 1 & 2) with Steven Harlow (I will have this confirmed by Saturday March 18). You will receive your report cards on your last day of on-snow training. Trampoline is scheduled to continue March 27th through to April 27th, with March 29th being cancelled. Please see the calendar on the website or the photo below. We hope to see you all out at Yukon champs to showcase your new and improved ski skills and tricks.

Yukon Champs registration is now open to our current athletes. We have a slopestyle day (pokey park & lower park) and a big air day (1st medium of upper park). Yukon champs is meant for all levels (Fundamentals through to the dev team), so please sign your athlete up and come out and volunteer or watch. It's a fun weekend filled with great tricks.

NOTE: The younger athletes that don't want to hit the 1st medium for the big air are able to use the knuckle of the medium instead of the jump.

Registration is open to our current athletes from March 14th to March 24th. On March 20th, registration opens to the public. There are limited registration spots available for Yukon champs, due to the coach:athlete ratio, so please register your athlete soon. Yukon champs will have a club category for our season athletes and an open category for the public. There are lots of medals/trophies and prizes to be won!!!

Please see the attached Yukon champs poster, schedule and bio form below. Register online via the YFSA website.

Yukon Champs Registration Link:

I want to send out a huge 'THANK YOU' to all the YFSA coaches. You are all awesome and we are very grateful for teaching and leading all of our athletes.

There is some room left in the second week of spring break freestyle camps, if any of the fundamentals or Jr. Freestylers are interested in registering. Here is the link:!/events/44053-yukon-freestyle-ski-association-20222023-season

I have also included the signupgenius link for Yukon champs parent volunteer jobs. Please come out and watch our athletes throw down some great tricks.

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