Board of Directors

President - Stephanie R.

Vice President - Murray A.

Secretary - Emily W.

Treasurer - Antonia M.

Bingo Coordinators (2 positions) - Vacant

Travel Coordinator - Vacant

Directer - Peter R.

Directer - Aaron K.

Directer - Amanda M.

Directer - Roger F.

Board of Directors Job Descriptions


- recording and distributing monthly meeting minutes

- create and maintain contact list of members, coaches and board

- develop and distribute board calendar

Coach Coordinator:

organizes coaches for programs

- coach scheduling

- check in with all coaches

- review coaches ✔️ list

- helps coaches deal with parent concerns

- helps coaches deal with athlete issues

- organizes camps

- helps with registration

Travel Coordinator:

- organizes travel for athletes (hotel, flights, car rentals, etc)

-organizes travel for coaches (for competitions or training)

- created spreadsheet for cost breakdown for athletes

- chats with parents regarding traveling athletes


- banking, deposits, withdraws

- balancing accounts

- keeps track of funding amounts

- records any spending

- creates financial reports for monthly board meetings

Bingo Coordinator:

- organizes bingo schedule

- send out emails regarding bingo

- helps with quarterly reporting

- orders bingo cards

- helps with bingo licence

- helps with bingo agreement with elks lodge

- becomes banker for bingo

organizes bingo cards weekly for bingo


- helps out with odd jobs

   -air bag

   - trampoline room

   - ski room

   - Canada cup

   - Yukon champs

   - website / communications

   - insurance and sanctioning

   - funding applications

The YFSA board commitment is to attend our monthly meeting, held at our trampoline room. These monthly meeting usually run 1.5 to 2 hours long.