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Board of Directors

President - Stephanie R.

Vice President - Murray A.

Secretary - Emily W.

Treasurer - Antonia M.

Bingo Coordinators (2 positions) - Vacant

Travel Coordinator - Vacant

Director - Peter R.

Director - Nick H.

Director - Amber H.

Board of Directors Job Descriptions


- recording and distributing monthly meeting minutes

- create and maintain contact list of members, coaches and board

- develop and distribute board calendar

Travel Coordinator:

- organizes travel for athletes (hotel, flights, car rentals, etc)

-organizes travel for coaches (for competitions or training)

- created spreadsheet for cost breakdown for athletes

- chats with parents regarding traveling athletes


- banking, deposits, withdraws

- balancing accounts

- keeps track of funding amounts

- records any spending

- creates financial reports for monthly board meetings

Bingo Coordinator:

- organizes bingo schedule

- send out emails regarding bingo

- helps with quarterly reporting

- orders bingo cards

- helps with bingo licence

- helps with bingo agreement with elks lodge

- becomes banker for bingo

organizes bingo cards weekly for bingo


- helps out with odd jobs

   -air bag

   - trampoline room

   - ski room

   - Canada cup

   - Yukon champs

   - website / communications

   - insurance and sanctioning

   - funding applications

The YFSA board commitment is to attend our monthly meeting, held at Sport Yukon and to help out with club tasks that need to be done. The monthly meeting usually run 1.5 to 2 hours long. 

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