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Yukon Freestyle Bingo

The Yukon Freestyle Ski Association runs bingos every Sunday evening at the Elks Hall, as a season fundraiser. We have been running bingos for the past 7 years and it has been essential for keeping freestyle an affordable sport in the Yukon. To run these bingos, we require our athletes and parents to work a set number of bingos, depending on which program the athlete is enrolled in. Working bingos helps to subsidize athlete registration and fundraise for the club.


What are the # of required bingos needed for each program?

Fundamentalz Program - 3 Bingos

Jr. & Sr. Freestylerz Program - 7 Bingos

Development Team - 10 Bingos


How does bingo help to subsidize registration and fundraise for the club?

Annual registration is significantly more than what is charged when you register your athlete at the beginning of the season. Each of your allotted bingos worked provides $200 towards your athlete’s registration costs instead of you having to pay that money up front. This money goes toward covering costs such as trampoline facility rent, trampoline facility electricity, administration costs, coaching wages, purchasing equipment and equipment maintenance.


Sr. Freestylers registration amount is $700 plus 7 bingos. 

Actual registration amount is $2100.

The 7 bingos worked equal $1400 (7 x $200), which is put towards the athletes registration cost for the year.

If the bingos are not worked, the family is responsible for paying the full registration amount owed. 


What is the breakdown for registration and bingo subsidy?


What if I don’t want to work bingos?

We have provided registration prices this year that reflect the option of paying the full amount instead of working bingos. Please see program costs on the drop-down menu on the home page.


How does bingo benefit the individual athletes?

For every bingo worked for or by an athlete, $75 credit is also attached to the athlete’s freestyle account. This money can be used for the athlete within the Freestyle Community. Please see the usage list below. This money cannot be taken out in cash.


Allowable Bingo Credit Uses:

  • Freestyle Program Registration 

  • Travel to Freestyle competitions within Canada (flights, accommodations, coaching costs at comps, registration for comp, lift tickets for comp)

  • Summer Ski Camps and Training (Momentum & Yukon Freestyle)

  • Christmas, Spring Break and HP Freestyle Camps 

  • Athlete training costs within Freestyle Yukon (Dryland, Head-start-pro, extra trampoline sessions, etc.)


How do I use my bingo credits? 

You will be required to pay up-front for the items you wish to purchase, and then submit a receipt for reimbursement to YFSA as soon as possible. Receipts will not be accepted after 30 days. Please make sure to check with the YFSA to confirm your purchase is allowable, prior to purchasing.


Can bingo credits be used in advance?

Unfortunately, YFSA cannot advance bingo credits to athletes. You can only use credits you have already earned


What happens to my bingo credits if my athlete quits Yukon Freestyle?

If your athlete does not stay with the club but has bingo credits, the athlete’s credits are donated to the club and will be used to help pay for coaching fees, trampoline room rent, etc. Bingo credits are non-transferable.


What if I don’t work my allotted number of bingos?

You have from July 1st (annual registration due date) to June 30th of the following year to work your athlete’s allotted amount of bingos. If you have not worked all of the allotted number of bingos by June 30th, an invoice will be emailed or mailed to you with the remaining amount you must pay for registration.


What do I need to know about working a YFSA Sunday evening bingo?

  • Bingo is on Sunday evenings at the Elks Hall on Hawkins Street

  • A bingo shift starts at 3:45pm and ends between 8:00pm and 8:30pm

  • All bingo workers must be at least 12 years old 

  • If you cancel a bingo shift, you are responsible for finding a replacement for yourself


What are the types of bingo positions?


Bingo Floor Worker

  • Walk around on the floor selling bonanza tickets to the bingo players

  • Earns $200 towards athlete registration and $75 into the athlete’s account


Bingo Banker

  • Sells bingo packs to all the bingo players (early birds, double action, regular games, loonie and toonie games, worst card game)

  • Does Cash in and Cash out, and nightly bingo deposit

  • Keeps track of all winnings and records into computer

  • Counts out prizes to be handed out

  • Confirms positive wins with caller according to bingo series numbers

  • Earns $200 towards athlete registration and $150 into the athlete’s account

            **Requires Training**


Bingo Caller

  • Calls all bingo games throughout the night (early birds, double action, regular games, bonanzas, loonie and toon numbers)

  • Calls all breaks, door prizes and sticks to the calling schedule

  • Confirms all bingo wins against bingo cards with the computer

  • Sells bonanza before bingo starts, while bingo players are buying cards

  • Earns $200 towards athlete registration and $150 into the athlete’s account

            **Requires Training**

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