Jr. Freestylerz / Sr. Freestylerz

Ages: 8+

Focus: Skill Development and introduction to competition

The Freestylerz program aligns with the Canadian sports for life, learn to train stage of an athlete's development. The focus is on the growth of fundamental sport skills (freestyle skiing skills) through a fun and interactive training outline. The program also introduces athletes to athletic ski practices, such as warming up, stretching to develop flexibility and injury prevention, strength and endurance, agility, drills, acrobatic literacy and cool down. 

Both Jr. & Sr. Freestylerz program starts in October with trampoline sessions one night a week, then beginning on snow in December when Mt. Sima opens to the public. On snow training is on Saturdays and runs the full day. A second trampoline session during the week is available to start in October for an additional cost.

The Jr. Freestylerz program is geared towards our newer skiers to the program.

The Sr. Freestylerz program is geared toward our older more advanced skiers. These athletes will be offered to train an extra 2 hours with our pre-competitive athletes on Sundays for an additional cost (this is not mandatory, just an option).

Program Cost: $625 plus CFSA Insurance

(*7 Bingo's Required to be worked)

Lift ticket not included

Additional Trampoline (10 sessions - Oct to Dec) $100

Additional Trampoline (10 sessions - Jan to Apr) $100

Sr. Freestylers Sunday 2 Hr Training (Dec to April) $75