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The Yukon Freestyle Ski Association is a volunteer ran club. YFSA is so thankful for all of our volunteers.

Yukon Freestyle would not be possible to run without our volunteers. There is a board of directors working behind the scenes on many levels, and parents are required to volunteer for AT LEAST one event during the season.


Volunteer jobs may include (but are not limited to):

  • Competition organizing committees

  • Prize recruiting

  • Jump site maintenance & choppin

  • Landing bag set up & take-down

  • Fencing & banner set up

  • Canada Cup event

  • Yukon Champs events

  • Trampoline facility cleaning

  • Ramp building & maintenance

All volunteer are required to purchase a 'volunteer membership' each season. The membership is liability insurance. The cost of the volunteer membership is $20.


Volunteer competition events each season (but are not limited to):

  • Canada Cup

  • Canada Winter Games

  • Yukon Champs

Many hands make for light work

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