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Developmental Team

Now that the athlete’s have graduated from the Sr. Freestylerz program, they are ready to start on their competitive path and train a little more seriously.


The Yukon Freestyle Developmental team prepares skiers to compete at a Provincial/Territorial level. The developmental team training program requires strong foundational Freestyle skills and competitive readiness, both physical and mental. Athletes on the developmental team must demonstrate the capacity to compete safely and to manage the increased training load. Athletes will compete in Freestyle events in their chosen disciplines and are committed to training both on and off the mountain.

The Developmental team is a year-round training program. Athletes on the team are expected to regularly attend the scheduled training sessions including dryland and trampoline. In addition, off-season water ramp or airbag training is essential. Attending summer glacier camps is highly recommended. Increased training hours are needed at this stage to develop each athlete’s long-term potential but more importantly, this will give them the fundamentals needed to perform more difficult technical skills safely.


Entrance requirement: All new athletes are required to enter the program through the Sr. Freestylerz program or equivalent. Previous season developmental team athletes will be given priority. The team is determined based on skill level and coach assessments. 


The developmental team trains both Saturdays and Sundays on snow, starting in November and running through to April. In addition to their weekend training, athletes are required to attend trampoline training twice/week at the YFSA training facility from September to April, then again in June & July. Dryland & strength training starts in September and runs twice a week until on-snow training starts, and then continues once a week until April. Summer dryland & strength training runs in June and July alongside trampoline.


*Parents are required to volunteer for one event during the season. One Parent MUST also have a CFSA Volunteer membership ($20) - 

Equipment Required for all levels:  Skis - Twin Tips Mandatory, Helmet, Poles, Boots

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