Dry-slope & BagJump

The dry-slope is currently under construction and will be ready to us in Oct/Nov for pre-season training. 

We will have a large snow jump, a large summer jump and a small Freestylerz jump during the winter months.


The dry-slope and ramp are being updated and re-sloped for safety. The ramp and snow jump will be ready to use this season. Tyler Nichol will be building us a snow jump and grooming it during the winter for our athletes to use. Check out the photos of the progress. Super Exciting News!!!

BIG THANKS, to our sponsor and all the volunteers that helped us out with the ramp tear down.

Ramp &

Dry-slope Fix 2020

Air Bag:Ramp Site - 6.png
Air Bag:Ramp Site - 3.JPG
Screen Shot 2020-10-16 at 1.23.08 PM.png
Air Bag:Ramp Site - 5.png
Air Bag:Ramp Site - 7.png
Air Bag:Ramp Site - 8.png
Air Bag:Ramp Site - 2.JPG
Air Bag:Ramp Site - 4.JPG
Air Bag:Ramp Site - 9.png