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Sr. Freestylerz

The Sr. Freestylerz program is an extension of the Jr. Freestylerz program and is designed to maximize on-snow training and continued skill development for athletes that want to advance & try their skills out in competitions. Athletes should have a solid understanding of basic freestyle skiing skills/drills and be interested in taking their skills to the next level. Skiers will start progressing in their rail variety and spins, taking large jumps and learning a solid foundation for spinning and flipping on and off snow. Athletes at this level are expected to regularly attend training sessions to better prepare for competitions. Coaches will offer progressive instruction to promote confident athletes. The Sr. Freestylerz program is designed to build life-long skiers and future high-performance athletes.


Participation in the Sr. Freestylerz program is the pathway an athlete requires to progress into the Yukon Freestyle Developmental team. 


Athletes are expected to compete at the club competition level (Yukon Champs). Some athletes may also start competing at the provincial level (Super Youth / Timber Tours).


Sr. Freestylerz Athlete Prerequisites:

•          Previous Fundamentalz or Freestylerz skiing experience

•          Confidently able to parallel ski all runs on the mountain

•          Basic to advanced jumping skills

•          Strong stance and balance

•          Ability to get onto a rail

•          Ability to ski switch down full green run and most of blue run

•          Desire to ski in the park


The Sr. Freestylerz on-snow program starts the first Saturday of December and runs every Saturday (full day) until the end of March. In addition to their Saturday training, athletes also have trampoline training once a week at the YFSA training facility with the option to train twice a week on trampoline. Weekly trampoline sessions are one hour each and start the first week of September and run until the end of March. Extra trampoline sessions are available to start in September for an additional fee (space permitting).

*Parents are required to volunteer for one event during the season. One Parent MUST also have a CFSA Volunteer membership ($20) - 

Equipment Required for all levels:  Skis - Twin Tips Mandatory, Helmet, Poles, Boots

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