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Hola freestyle athletes, parents and coaches,

I hope everyone has been enjoying their summer and the amazing heat that we have been blessed with........ because the snow is just around the corner!

Registration for the 2023/24 season is finally open, YAY!!! Please register your athlete in their program for the season prior to Aug 15th. As of Aug 15th, registration will open to the public and we can not guarantee your athlete a spot.

There are a few more options/add-in's this season for the younger athletes. We were able to find two dryland trainers that work with young athletes, so we are offering dryland to the Jr. & Sr. Freestyler athletes that are interested. There is a limited number of spots, so please sign your athlete up should he or she be interested. (YAY for injury prevention)

Trampoline starts on Sept 5th. Please make sure to come into the trampoline facility on the first trampoline session with your athlete to read and sign the Code of Conduct with them.

Please note that there is a passphrase needed to register your athlete prior to Aug 15th. You can find it in the photos below with even more information.

The calendar will be updated on the website this week, so remember to check there for training times and dates. For up-to-date information on trampoline cancellations, cold weather days, airbag days, etc, you can click on the 'info for athlete' tab at the top of the main website page. There you will find a ton of information and lots of photos of your athletes training and competing.

Bingos will start again on Sept 10 and will run for the season. You can sign up for bingos on our website under the bingo fundraising tab, or on the second slide on our main page of the website. Please make sure to read about bingo and how beneficial it is for our club and all the athletes in each program. (MOM TIP - it will save you money on registration, camps and comps).

Parents, please make sure one of you purchase a volunteer membership and remember, the YFSA requires each family to volunteer for at least one major event each season. These events include: Canada Cup (Dec) or Yukon Champs (Mar).

The YFSA AGM is on Aug 29th at sport Yukon @ 7pm. If you are interested in joining the board, we are always looking for active board members.

Thanks so much and we hope to see you all again this season.

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